What you'll learn:

  • Does AI pose a risk to your business?
  • How to encompass machine learning in your AI algorithm
  • How AI and machine learning is driving innovation in your industry
  • Industry experts on the future of AI

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"At this moment in time, there is significant evidence to prove that AI is usable in a variety of different industries. We have gone beyond the experimentation stage and there are real examples in a variety of businesses that show that machine learning can be applied on a wider scale."

Sander Siezen
Head of Product Development, Say It Now
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In October 2018, Impact and PerformanceIN hosted a roundtable on artificial intelligence (AI) and gathered some of the smartest minds in the industry to discuss whether AI is delivering all the promises that have been made about it.

Within this exclusive Insider's Guide, PerformanceIN shares the thoughts of Impact and the key agencies, brands and tech partners that took part in the roundtable. This supplement will provide deep insight into the good, the bad and the ugly of all things AI and machine learning.
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